Tobias Schlömer (Raiffeisenlandesbank)

IT Project manager, tech enthusiast, nerd and creative allrounder. Sociologist at heart and by degree, I have done my studies in consumer- and communications-research and added knowledge in entrepreneurship and strategic management.

As a former digital nomad, co-founder of a tech startup and research assistant, I have settled down and am currently trying to bring more color and life to the banking and finance sector after some stints in other industries.

I am fascinated with the opportunities of social media and collaboration while at the same time I am truly concerned about matters of privacy and security.

Adapting to consumer trends and technological changes is a huge challenge for organizations. I like to embark on this journey repeatedly to further change and innovation. Besides other corporate IT projects I am most recently involved in starting a local crowdfunding platform and introducing social collaboration tools to the workplace.

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