ThyssenKrupp – From a fragmented enterprise to a Social Enterprise

ThyssenKrupp was very fragmented from a digital point of view. Therefore, the goal was to create one central platform with central governance, decentralized maintenance, multichannel publishing. The vision: We enable our people and their business to seamlessly work together: to communicate. To share their knowledge. To interact on one platform – on ThyssenKrupp’s new social intranet. Together with several suppliers ThyssenKrupp is building a new intranet where many other applications will be integrated in order to create one digital point of entry for every employee around the globe: powered by IBM WebSphere and IBM Connections.

Dr. Eric Marzo-Wilhelm, Head of Internal Communications will talk about the project, lessons learned and the future road map of the social intranet at ThyssenKrupp together with Claudia Staats from IBM.

ThyssenKrupp – From a fragmented enterprise to a social enterprise from Social Connections

Keynotes & Main Tent
Location: Auditorium 1 Date: November 5, 2015 Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm Eric Marzo-Wilhelm (ThyssenKrupp) Jan Riebold (IBM)