The anatomy of the perfect collaboration use case

Build it and they will come? By now, we should all be aware this is not the case…

Social and collaboration platforms need to provide demonstrable value, whether in productivity terms for the individual users, or in business value to the organisations involved. Therefore it is imperative that users know why they and how they should come together to use the platform in a strategic manner, to achieve a defined goal.

Join this session to hear why this means that platform owners and community managers must develop a roadmap of clearly defined and understood ‘use cases’, the factors and challenges that you need to consider, and how best to support the use cases within your deployment and launch strategy.

The anatomy of the perfect collaboration use case from Social Connections

Location: Auditorium 2 Date: November 5, 2015 Time: 2:10 pm - 2:40 pm Stuart McIntyre (Jive)