Managing Meeting Minutes – A concept for a Connections addon

Meetings and how to manage the meeting minutes are a recurring topic in many organizations. How can an organization share the essential information, decision, task or document with all those who need to know, while keeping the transcript of the meeting in one place and some parts of it locked.
As it happens, one of the first use cases that we tested when trying out Connections, was managing information and tasks from and within meetings. We soon realized that we need to keep many meetings out of Connections until a few requirements are met.
In this session we will discuss the requirements of sharing information in an organization that is – by law and tradition – rather focused on security and not sharing information. Different types of meetings and different resulting types of data will be analyzed. A concept for creating meeting minutes and distributing them over several communities will be presented.
This session is meant to be a conversation starter.

Managing Meeting Minutes – A concept for a Connections addon from Social Connections

Location: Breakout 2 Date: November 6, 2015 Time: 10:20 am - 10:35 am Tobias Schlömer (Raiffeisenlandesbank)