Introducing Connections – Guerilla style

When joining the world of corporate IT, theory meets practice and suddenly resource restrictions, tight schedules and competing projects are more important than the university textbooks had made believe. One can falter or garner a band of brothers (and sisters!) and find a way.
This session will illustrate the corporate prerequisites of our initiative to introduce Connections to the workplace and discuss how we chose a guerilla approach of introducing connections into an environment that is – by law and tradition – weary of change.
After shortly touching on the special setup of our organization, the requirements of our corporate IT
and the situation in banking at large, we will review the steps that were taken to evolve our connections environment from a testing setup to first trial communities and from first use cases to a platform-strategy that has just started to get implemented.
A case for taking small steps and being resistant to nagging.

Introducing Connections – Guerilla style from Social Connections

Case Study
Location: Auditorium 1 Date: November 6, 2015 Time: 3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Tobias Schlömer (Raiffeisenlandesbank)