Agenda Announced for Social Connections VII in Stockholm

Social Connections VII banner

Today, we are proud to announce the agenda for the upcoming Social Connections VII event in Stockholm on 13th and 14th of November:

With this event, we are featuring more than 30 sessions over two days!  We received so many awesome session abstracts, thank you!  We accepted as many sessions as we could fit but were forced to turn down a few that we’d had loved to see ourselves…so we send our commiserations and apologies to those that submitted sessions and were not selected…

As you view the agenda, you’ll note that we are still working out the details of a few remaining sessions.  But as we had it 90% of the way there, we didn’t want a little red tape to hold us up in sharing this with you!

The idea with our agenda is that those travelling from further away can arrive on the Thursday morning for a social lunch before the event formally kicks off at 13:30.

For attendees that are more local, there is a jumpstart session in the local language on the Thursday morning, providing an introduction to Social Business for those that are new to this enhanced way of working.

We conclude the first day’s agenda with Speed Sponsoring and then an exclusive evening reception for all attendees (more details to come very soon!).

On Friday…you’ll notice a couple changes from past events:

  • While most of the breakouts will remain at 30 mins…we’ve heard your feedback and are offering three “Admin & Infrastructure” sessions which will be 65 minutes!
  • We won’t hold any sessions in the “Main Tent” during the breakouts.  We received feedback after the last few events that having a session in the largest room while other sessions are going on made the session feel less intimate.
  • We will be offering three Birds of a feather (BOF) sessions in the afternoon.  A BOF is an informal meeting where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.
  • And finally, we’ve reserved a spot for a session chosen by YOU.  The choices are between the Ask IBM, Ask the Experts and the PTI format.  Stay tuned for a poll where you can vote for your choice…majority wins!

We will again have a full online agenda for this event, using the same site which worked out so well for us in Prague.  This allows for each attendee to create their own customized schedule with can be exported to your calendar if you wish.  It has a mobile UI option and a printable view, as well as listing all our speakers too.

So, two (or more) days in beautiful Stockholm, over 30 great sessions, brilliant IBM and community speakers, many IBM Champions, great opportunities for networking and social engagement, and much more besides.  Social Connections VII will be a super event!

What are you waiting for?  Register now!