The Team

The Social Connections team currently consist of a dedicated group of volunteers from all over the world that together organise the events, provide content for the Social Connections Blog and run the User group (maintain the site, monitor the Facebook page, LinkedIn group, etc).

However we cannot do it alone so the team is supported by lots of others who help do specific tasks or help organize specific events. If you would like to get involved in anyway we would love to hear from you. From assisting on the day, to offering a venue, to sponsoring an event etc. Please contact any of the organising committee or drop us a mail. There is always something to do!

The group involved tends to evolve over time as events take place in different countries, and with work and family commitments it is not always possible to give up the time to travel to each and every event.

Social Connections 9 is brought to you by this team:

Image Name Day Job Country Twitter
Stuart McIntyre Stuart McIntyre Social Business Strategist at Social 365 UK @stuartmcintyre
 Simon Vaughan Simon Vaughan Social business consultant UK @SimplyS1mon
Jan Valdman Jan Valdman Business Development Manager at Whitesoft Czech Republic @jan_valdman
Martin Jinoch Martin Jinoch Owner at MAP Systems Czech Republic @mjinoch
Wannes Rams Wannes Rams Collaboration Software Architect Belgium @wannesrams
Lars Samuelsson Lars Samuelsson Consultant at Longana Software Sweden @larsxsamuelsson
Maria Enderstam Marketing and Communications at Infoware Solutions Sweden @menderstam
doug morrison Doug Morrison Executive Director at RockTeam USA @dmorrisonRT
femke goedhart Femke Goedhart Business Consultant at Silverside Netherlands @femkegoedhart
christoph stoettner Christoph Stoettner Senior Consultant at panagenda Germany @stoeps

Former team members have included:

Sharon, Femke, Lisa, Simon and Stuart at Social Connections III in Dublin